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Good Warehousing Practices

Let us train your warehouse people on the basic principles of warehouse operations so they can easily implement (with the right guidance) to keep your warehouse in shape and ready for business.

7 Quality Control Tools and New Tools

Learn about the tools and techniques for solving the problems in your quality or processes in your system. We will guide you through how to effectively utilize and implement these tools in the manufacturing field to monitor the overall operation and continuous process improvement.

Effective Purchasing Skills

Effective Purchasing is a lot more than just finding the lowest price in the market. It is really about computing the total cost of ownership of a product or service from a supplier so that a rational choice can be made between competing suppliers.

Introduction to Effective Forecasting

A good Forecast is the most important tool. If you do not have or have poor forecasts of matters such as the sales volume for the next year, this could negatively impact your business in more ways than one.

Effective Negotiations Skills

This Effective Negotiations Skills Seminar will give you the upper hand at the negotiation table and provide you with the right tools for getting lower prices, quicker delivery, higher customer service.

Effective Records Management with Office Efficiency with 5S

Wondering how to keep your records organized, efficient and clutter free? This seminar holds the key to some of the best practices to end your records problem.

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