Good Warehousing Practices

The seminar has been designed to be as non-technical as possible and understandable by newly graduated high school students. More experienced warehouse staff can also benefit from by seminar by seeing how warehousing is done in other companies and confirm their knowledge of best warehouse practices. They will see both good and bad practices. They can then decide which practices are applicable to their operations.

Objectives of the Good Warehousing Practices Seminar
  • Learn how to properly store the goods in the warehouse
  • Learn how to quickly locate and pick the goods in the warehouse
  • Deliver great customer service
Key Topics of the Good Warehousing Practices Seminar
  • The Job of the Warehouseman
  • Designing the Warehouse for Flow
  • Effective Warehouse Layouts
  • Designing for First in First Out Storage
  • Basic Warehouse Equipment
  • Counting the Inventory
  • Security concerns for the warehouse

This will teach your staff how the speed, accuracy and safety can be achieved. Your staff will study photos of actual warehouse operations where they can pick-up ideas that they can implement in their own operations.